Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brooklyn's First Trip to the Dentist

When we first moved out to Chicago, Kevin and I were lucky enough to stumble upon Doctor Ronald Carroll, our amazing Dentist! He originally started out specializing in doing work for the developmentally disabled and young children, but as his patients started to grow up, they begged him to keep caring for them. So now he has a Family Practice and we get to benefit from his years of experience working with young and scared patients.

When Brooklyn first came into the room, he waited for her to approach him (which didn't take long) and soon they were singing songs, counting fingers, and playing peek-a-boo with his face mask.

When it was obvious that Brooklyn wasn't scared of him, Dr. Carroll had her get up in the chair and count her teeth for him.

Then he took a turn counting her teeth in between spurts of neck tickling!

After he was done checking her teeth, Dr. Carroll taught Brooklyn how to brush her teeth the right way. While he was brushing her teeth, she kept telling him he missed a spot, or that he needed more toothpaste. It kept him giggling and he said if all his patients were like Brooklyn, he would have the easiest job in the world!

When they were all done, Dr. Carroll gave Brooklyn a clean bill of health, a new pink toothbrush, and some silly bands. Needless to say, he is her new best friend. And Brooklyn was pretty proud of herself for not having any cavities! (We were pretty happy about that too.) The only bad news... the Dentist said we should start saving up for braces now! Brooklyn's mouth, though loud and well exercised, is too small for all the teeth she will eventually have. DOH!


Colleen H. said...

What a great dentist. Lucky!! And you see, she does NOT have a big mouth - just big lungs!

Kevin Hanks said...

Good times! Dr. Carol is definitely one of the best dentists I've ever had! I'm glad he did so well with Brooklyn.

Beccarigg said...

Cuteness! I love big milestones like this. Looks like you guys have a great dentist and I love that little miss outgoing wasn't shy at all! That's my niece!