Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 2011

Due to our winter melancholy, I decided that my little family should fully celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year in hopes of pulling us away from our winter blues and into a happier fun-filled spring! So to start off the day, the girls woke up to green milk and the task of finding our mischievous leprechaun's treasure. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of our green breakfast because we were too hungry to strike a pose.

Anyway, the day before, Brooklyn and I put together these adorable shamrocks to decorate our house. She was totally able to do most of the work by herself and had a blast helping me. They turned out really cute too and were completely FREE!

Here she is sitting under our completed project with another FREE project I downloaded from a blog called eighteen 25.

The frame was just something we had laying around and the subway art is just printed on a regular old piece of paper. So fast and EASY!

We also attempted to make a 3D Shamrock that we found from this blog, but after a few crooked cuts, we ended up with our own creation. It looked pretty cute though. The frame was just something we had in a junk pile. Its a little scratched up, but does the job nicely.

But on the actual St. Patrick's Day, Brooklyn and I got together during Lily's nap and made some super cute "LUCKY" blocks that I saw on my friend's blog. I just cut up an old 2x4 we had laying around and Brooklyn did all the painting completely by herself. I was so proud of how well she did. She didn't even miss any spots!

Here is the finished project. They're not perfect, but for a random holiday, they will do just fine!

When Lily got up from her nap, we all went outside to play in the warm weather.

Lily practiced walking and had a blast rolling around in the mud, while Brooklyn colored with sidewalk chalk and played a little hopscotch.

After we were done outside the girls desperately needed a bath and a nap, so we took care of that in a JIFFY in hopes that they would wake up in good moods to find the leprechaun's treasure!

When the time came, Lily wouldn't wake up for the hunt, so I peeled Brooklyn out of bed and off we went. You can tell in the video that she is SUPER tired cause she literally just woke up. Also, the video is kind of long (about 4 minutes) so you really don't have to watch it. We just thought it would be good to document the occasion.

Here are the girls enjoying their rewards after the hunt! A treasure chest full of gold and silver wrapped candy, the movie Ferngully for Brooklyn, a ringing frog for Lily, and some green fingernail polish for them to share. (You can kind of tell in the pictures that their mouths are both LOADED with chocolate!)

And just for fun: Here is a picture of Brooklyn and Lily last St. Patrick's Day...

And here is one of them from this year! My how they have grown. Anyway, we had a great day and hope that you did too! Go GREEN!


Beccarigg said...

I see you cleaned your house. HAhahahaha! That picture you sent me was sooo funny! Anyway, who's the fun mom now? What a cute way to celebrate St. Patty's! I love all your crafts, especially the LUCKY blocks, those came out DARLING!! I want them for my house. How awesome that Brooklyn could be so involved in making them too! She is so gorgeous by the way, I loved watching her in that video, even cuter than her pictures with her long curly hair and porcelain cheeks. Such pretty little nieces I have! Great job and making it such a special day for your girls, you rock dude!

Tau said...

Wow I barely remebered to wear green to work. That sounds like fun. Maybe we'll try something similar next year with the boys. Way to go Hanks clan.

Sarah said...

Naomi that was super cute. You should put it on your mommy blog too. There were so many great ideas and it looks like the girls had a blast. Way to go. I need to be better about celebrating holidays with my boys. Thanks for your good example. Love you

Colleen H. said...

I hope you had a wonderful "let's do nothing but rest" post St. Patrick's Day! What a special day you had with the girls!

Cindy Uda said...

Naomi! That looked so fun! Where did you get the treasure hunt poems or did you make them up? The girls are beautiful. I think Lily is starting to look a lot like Brooklyn. They are so cute and adorable. Enjoyed the video!

Heidi said...

I can't believe how long and beautiful her hair is. What a sneaky little little Mr. Leprechaun! You are such a fun mom.... really wishing we lived closer!