Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's Been Going On....

For our anniversary, Kevin bought me these pink roses. Brooklyn was obsessed with them and eventually loved them all to death. But they were beautiful and brought a lot of happiness into out home until that point!

I've been running a lot lately to get ready for my two upcoming races. The Red Rock Relay will be this coming Friday and Saturday, and the Apple Fest 1/2 Marathon is on the 25th. This is usually what happens when I get home from a long Saturday run. I crash on the floor to watch some TV while I cool off, and the girls crash on me!

Brooklyn and Lily have started to "hang out" with each other. Lily laughs at everything Brooklyn does, and Brooklyn takes VERY good care of her little sister. My favorite thing to watch is when Brooklyn waves toys around until Lily chases her for them. As soon as Lily crawls to Brooklyn, Brooklyn runs to the other side of the room. Lily then laughs and tries again. So fun to watch!

We got invited to a Kanikapila with the Halau that I dance for. There was TONS of food, lots of friends, and a whole bunch of talented entertainers! Kevin and I got to dance Keahialapa and Ku'u hoa, Brooklyn made a million friends, and Lily got to be held every second of the night by different admirers.

Lily has gone from getting up on her hands and knees and throwing herself forward into a face plant, followed by vigorous swimming movements, to actually crawling army style.

She has also learned how to sit up on her own and shake her head NO!

Anyway, I'm about to head out to Utah for the rest of the month so there will definitely be more posts, but until then, I just wanted to catch up with these little random moments!


Natalie said...

Super cute!

Ioane said...

She is the cutest little thing ever. I love the video of her shaking her head no. Was she watching someone? What a cute smile. I can't wait to see the girls. Have a safe flight and Happy belated Anniversary. Love you guys

Beccarigg said...

Total cuteness!! I'm so glad you posted videos of Lily. She's dang cute in her pictures but in the videos you really get to see her whole personality and she is beyond adorable! I'm so excited you guys will be here in two weeks!!! Yippeee!!!