Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventures in Utah Part 1: Hangin' in Kaysville

If you were wondering why I've been missing from the blogging world, it is because I was in Utah from September 7th until the 19th. Kevin couldn't come because of work but the girls and I still had fun with all our family in Utah!

We started out our trip in Kaysville where we were visited by Auntie Sara and Uncle Craig. They spoiled the girls with hugs and kisses, and a beautiful treasure box that Brooklyn has been stuffing necklaces in ever since.

Soon after we arrived I had to leave the girls to go run a relay race, but they were in good hands. Grandma and Grandpa Hanks nursed Brooklyn back to health (she started puking and had a fever on the airplane) and even let her help make a GIGANTIC batch of monster cookies.

When I got back from the race Auntie Janna and cousin Audrey drove down from Idaho to pay us a visit. Grandma Hanks set up the backyard water park for the kids and they went to town drinking and splashing in the water.

It was a hot day so the girls actually played for a long time before finally agreeing on a nap! Obviously, they were enjoying themselves.

Besides playing in the water in the backyard, Auntie Janna also treated the girls to a visit to the pond where they got to help feed the ducks!

Nearing the end of our visit, Janna and Grandpa Hanks took us to the Utah State Fair. It was very hot that day but ice cream and lemonade seemed to cool us off enough to stick around awhile.

Auntie Janna was even nice enough to take Brooklyn on the carousel since I get sick on anything that repetitively turns in a circle. Brooklyn loves rides so it really was a special treat.

But the highlight of the State Fair was the pony ride. Brooklyn was SO proud of herself for riding all by herself. Her funny moment on the pony came when she suddenly realized there was another pony behind her and she yelled, "Oh no! Mommy! The black horse is catching up to me!" Super cute!

The next day we went with Grandma to the Dinosaur Park. We had many dinosaur encounters (most were scarier than I had anticipated) but the girls didn't seem to be scared and they really had fun.

After walking the dino-trail, we stopped in the park for a little while and let the girls get the rest of their wiggles out. Audrey and Lily were laughing their heads off when we put them in the swing together.

To close out our Kaysville trip, we sat the girls down for a photo shoot. Auntie Janna bought the girls matching outfits and Grandpa was the camera man.

It was the hardest photo shoot I have ever witnessed. Everyone was crying and wiggling and crying again! But we still managed to get a few good shots. Enjoy!

More about the Red Rock Relay Race and our visit to Pleasant Grove to come. Stay tuned!


Beccarigg said...

Top picture of Lily smiling on Sarah's back (the big one with all of them) Is scrumptiously adorable! What a little nugget! Also love Brooklyn with that monster cookie dough. That picture sums up my happy place lately : ) I'm glad you had fun with your in-laws, they're pretty awesome : )

Natalie said...

Lily is looking so big! We miss seeing you guys. I'm waiting for a report on your race though! Looking forward to it.

Ioane said...

Yikes! You're going to have to hire body guards for your girls. They are so beautiful. Looks like you had a lot of fun up there. I didn't even know we had a dinosaur park so close. Ps thanks so much for the baby blanket. It's awesome.