Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May in Pictures

So much has happened this month and I promise to fill in the details later, but until then, enjoy the month in pictures!
Kevin walked through the screen door to our patio (5th of May)

Kevin, Naomi, and Brooklyn went camping with the Young Women of the Woodridge 1st Ward (8th and 9th of May)

Naomi and Brooklyn visited Utah from the 10th to the 20th of May. We hiked Battle Creek Canyon with Jennie, Sarah, Noa, and Liz on the 12th.

Sarah and Naomi took Mason, Maile, Brooklyn, and Noa to the Hogle Zoo on the 13th.

Brooklyn ate Japanese food and loved it on the 15th of May.

Naomi and Jennie completed their first Triathlon on the 16th! (More to come on that)

Jake got back from South America on the 19th and visited Naomi on the 20th of May in Kaysville! Then dropped her off at the airport to go back to Illinois.

In the mean time, Kevin fixed this Secretary for Naomi! Woohoo!

And camped with the Michigan Hanks Family!

On the 21st, Brooklyn and Naomi went to support Kevin while he ran a 5K with members from his office as well as over 17,000 other Chicagoans!

On the 22nd, Becca, Taber, Teya, and Brinley visited us till the 24th when they were forced to leave due unpleasant epidemic.

Sunday the 24th, till today and onward...Kevin, Naomi and Brooklyn got the "barf your guts out for 5 days" disease... Yep! It's been that CRAZY!
Well, thats about it. Wish us luck!


Brian Hanks said...

:( I HATE that disease. I'm glad you guys are starting to feel a little better at least. Man, what a bummer for a 3-day weekend with visitors!!

Tau said...

Man that sucks. Hope you guys feel better soon. It was good to see you guys. Hopefully not so much is going on next time we get together.

Beccarigg said...

That last picture is so sad!!! You poor things, hope you get feeling better soon! Loved all the pictures. Brooklyn looks so pretty in the picture of her eating Japanese food. You're so pretty too Omi! the picture of you on the camp-out you look bootiful : ) I was thinking that too when I was going through all my Chicago pics. You are one gorgeous girl!

Good job to Kev on his 5K and to you on your triathlon. You guys are such an inspiration to me! Thanks for getting me into the running scene! Love you guys!

Ioane said...

1. Nice Kevin 2. Love Brooklyn's bandanna... so cute 3. Yeah! That was fun 4. This picture rocks 5. Yamato's!!! 6. Dude you Rock!I still tear up thinkin about it. 7. ooooo hair is so shiney 8. Wow Kev you are amazing! 9. He's growing up so fast. Looks a lot like his daddy 10. Yeah! Kevin 11. I likey the "bean" 12. You poor things, I hope you are all feeling better now. That picture is so sad. I love the post. I miss you guys. Get well soon

Jennie said...

OMI! I miss you! And also Kevin and the worm. I hope you guys feel better soon :)

Rachel said...

Sorry u guys got so sick. That sucks...especially when its the whole family. Miss you and feel bad I couldn't have played with you while you were here.

just nikki said...

Wow you guys had a crazy month! I can't believe you didn't visit me when you were in Utah! I guess you do have a lot of family to visit...

I want to hear about the triathalon!