Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Idea...Bad Idea...

Good Idea:
Eat apples dipped in peanut butter for a healthy snack!
Bad Idea:
Stir the excess peanut oil into your peanut butter with electric beaters before scooping it out of the jar.
Lesson Learned:
The jar will spin with the beaters if you don't hold on to it, thus, causing your peanut butter to spray wildly all over your shirt, pants, floor, spice rack, counter tops, oven, cutting board, microwave, flour containers, juicer, magic bullet, radio, and telephone...leaving little to no peanut butter in the jar for you to eat.


Beccarigg said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA!! Ah hahahaha! Heee Heee HEEeHEE! OOO HAA HAA! Wah hahaha! It hurts, it hurts!!

Tara said...

oh my gosh Naomi! hahaha I love it. That picture is awesome. You crack me up. Thanks for the laugh.

Rachel said...


Pae and Guy said...

Number 1, what is a magic bullet?

Number 2, Hahahahahahahaha!!

Now next time you scold Brooklyn for making a mess she's seriously gonna start doubting your authority!!

Beccarigg said...

p.s. nice flat stomach in this picture hotness! Triathalon does a body good! Woot!