Monday, October 13, 2008

Living in Pleasant Grove

Well...Since the last post, Kevin, Brooklyn and I have moved into my parents' basement in Pleasant Grove, where we will be until Kevin graduates in December. So far we are loving the change! It is so nice to be around family and, surprisingly enough, to have a little dog for Brooklyn to play with. She thinks my parent's dog, Gizmo, is her little brother and they spend hours playing together. I also enjoy his company since he frequently cleans up Brooklyn's food spills and provides a free babysitting service! (I never leave them alone case you were wondering!) Anyway, I thought I would put up a little video tour of our new home as well as a picture of Brooklyn playing with all her cousins in our playroom after Tau and Sarah blessed their little baby Noa. Enjoy!


california smiths said...

That is a beautiful place to call home. How fun to be with family while you have the chance!

Tara said...

That's pretty cool- padded walls could come in handy with baby. So I'm curious how Kevin's marathon went! Pics?? I heard it rained the whole time.

just nikki said...

Love the video. :)
I'll have to come by and see it in person some day.