Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Sunday was my niece Brinley's baby blessing! Church wasn't until 1:00pm so we were able to take our lazy old time getting ready for the big day. Aunty Becca even gave Brooklyn her first pigtails ever! Which was a big sacrifice of her time since she had 2 other little girls to get ready for church as well.
Here's Brooklyn with her hair done and her teeth brushed just waiting to go to church and see little Brinley get blessed. Don't you just want to pinch her big juicy cheeks?
After Brooklyn had her hair done she had just enough time to coach Brinley on the finer points of church manners...although when we got there she forgot about them herself!
Here is Grandpa Uda getting some morning snuggles in before we leave the house. He had SO much fun with Brinley...she is a very sweet and special little lady!
And this is all of us after the big event! Taber did an incredible job and gave a really beautiful blessing. Brinley was so quiet and good during the whole thing! Brooklyn and Teya had to be escorted out of the building though. Too bad they haven't learned anything from their younger cousin! Oh well...if we were all quiet the world would be a boring place to live!
For more info about the blessing, you can go to Becca's Blog at


Lisa said...

Naomi, I don't know if you remember me and Brandon (Brian's friends) but I happened to see you had a blog through Natalie's and couldn't help but sneak a peak. Your baby is so beautiful!!! What a sweet family you two have. It was good to see a little of what was going with the two of you. Tell Kevin we said hi! My blog is private but if you're interested just email me.

Beccarigg said...

I must say I think I did a marvelous job on Brooklyn's hair! She was so good to sit there and let me do it without complaining! You really do have a sweet sweet little baby!