Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chicago Trip Day 5: Touring Missouri

On day 5 of our trip (June 1, 2008) we took a tour through Missouri on our way to Illinois. We started out in Independence, Missouri where we saw the future temple site for the LDS temple as well as the temple the RLDS or Community of Christ Church built on the land that was originally owned by the saints who lived in Independence. The picture below is their temple.
Then we left Independence to see Liberty Jail. It was really neat seeing the jail and the way it was built. The walls were 4 feet thick with a layer of wood on the inside, a hollow space in the middle that was filled with loose rock, and a stone wall on the outside. No one ever escaped from the Jail. The picture below shows Joseph Smith and his friends while they were stuck in the prison.After we left Liberty Jail, we traveled to Far West Missouri. It was totally empty and in the middle of no where. It was weird to think that over 5,000 saints use to live there! The picture below is one of the original corner stones that were set at midnight by the Brethren of the church to fulfill a prophesy about a temple in Far West! These corner stones are the only thing left in Far West.
Last but not least, we visited Adam-Ondi-Ahman! I was amazed at how huge the space really was. It looked like miles and miles of untouched land. It was beautiful but also very hot and full of bugs. This picture is of me and Brooklyn overlooking the valley.
When all the touring was done, we drove to Nauvoo, Illinois and went to sleep with plans to tour Nauvoo the next day! Oh yeah! Before we did any of this touring, we went to church in a Tongan ward! It was so fun!

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Beccarigg said...

Cool, I've always wanted to visit some church history sites! I'm totally jealous!