Thursday, July 25, 2013

May in Pictures

After all of our family left back to Utah, Hawaii, and Bangkok, we went back home for 2 days before driving back up to Becca's house to spend the weekend watching her kids while she and Taber ran a 1/2 Marathon together. While we were there, Kevin got to take the girls to soccer practice...followed by ICE CREAM!

That same day, Kevin left us for a short while so he could go run...and WIN... a 5K that his office helped to put on. Go Kevin Go!

The next weekend we got to travel downtown to the College of DuPage where my Halau was dancing in the College Demonthon (aka, a dance-a-thon). It was really fun to have the girls there cheering me on from the side of the stage. They are my biggest fans :)

 The next day I went solo to one of my hula sister's wedding! She had both Catholic and Muslim ceremonies before the reception where our halau had been invited to dance. It turned out to be a beautiful, fascinating, and VERY fun evening!

 A couple of days later Kevin was supposed to take the girls to a Fathers and Sons (or daughters) camp out for our ward, but he couldn't get out of work on time and when it started to rain, he decided to take the camp out into our living room. But don't worry, he didn't forget the S'mores!

 For Mutual the next week, Kevin was asked to do a laser tag game for the youth activity. As always, he rocked it and everyone had tons of fun!

On the 24th of May, we finally wrapped up our year of preschool and my friend Arielle and I held a small graduation ceremony for the girls. They were so cute in their little hats and graduation leis!

Also during the month of May, our little family teamed up to turn an old-but-free table we got from my sister into a new, awesome table for our dining room. It was really neat working on it together and it turned out GREAT!

At the end of May we got a special visit from Auntie Jennie! The girls are in paradise whenever she's around and there were plenty of snuggles to go around! All-in-all, May turned out to be a pretty awesome month!


Rachel Murdock said...

You are sooo incredibly amazing Naomi. I just love your little family and I love you! I admire you for all your many talents and I think it's amazing what you did to that table. For some reason it didn't dawn on me it was THAT table that you refinished of Becca's. WOW!

Dell Hanks said...

I agree with Rachel. It is amazing what you guys did with that table. Having a garage is kind of fun.

Kevin Hanks said...

Just in case anyone's wondering... taking 4 little girls out to the park for 2 hours of soccer practice, then out to ice cream is basically the easiest thing I've ever done in my life. They're not wild or energetic or crazy at all!

Kayla Smith said...

I love how the kitchen table turned out! I basically want to do the same, but am so lazy. The stain looks great though. bravo. And I love that picture with Aunt Jenny!

Beccarigg said...

Dude, mad props to the Kev dog for taking the girls to soccer practice. That is not an easy task. Also he is the man for winning the 5K and you both are the man for refinishing that table. I will just pretend I am awesome because of my association with two such awesome people.

p.s. living room smores are awesome.

Beccarigg said...

I typed an awesome comment and blogger is jerk and deleted it! Whatever! The point is, kevin rocks for taking the girls to soccer, that ain't easy. and you guys are miracle workers for what you did with that table. Mad skills bro!