Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

This year we were lucky enough to spend Christmas Eve with our great friends, the Booths. We both have 2 girls and all the girls are very close in age. Needless to say, all the little kiddos were excited to be spending the evening together.

Tiffany Booth hosted the dinner at her house and she did an incredible job decorating and setting the mood for a fun filled Christmas.

Our responsibilities were really small, but they included bringing the Christmas Turkey. Kevin and I have only ever made our turkey Kalua pig style before, but we thought we would try something new and try brining the turkey instead. Long story short, it was the best idea we EVER had! The turkey only took an hour and a half to cook and it was the tastiest, moistest turkey I've ever had. Thank you Alton Brown!

The girls were pretty anxious to start eating... and that meant they were making really weird faces when the camera came out! Oh well, they're still cuties in my book :)

After a few last minute preparations, we sat down and had a fantastic dinner together! When dinner was over, the girls went downstairs to play with their Christmas stockings that Tiffany made them while the adults played a few games in the kitchen.

Once games were finished we gathered in the living room to open presents and sing Christmas songs. The booths got all of us special snuggle blankets! The girls blankets even had their favorite princesses and their names embroidered on them! We gave lots of thank you hugs after the presents were opened, sang some more songs, and then headed home to prepare for Christmas day!

We had a great and memorable time with the Booths and thanks again go out to their family for helping us have such a wonderful Christmas Eve!


Beccarigg said...

Wow! What an awesome table set up! I don't even know where to begin to make my table look that fancy! Tiffany is a fabulous friend to make those sweet blankets for the girls. And totally agree that brined turkeys are the best! Taber always does a 24 hour brine before he smokes 'em. So tasty!

p.s. don't worry, the kids are fine, in fact, they're playing so well that I actually have time to blog. SCORE!

Sarah said...

That turkey sounds delicious. Can you lead me to the recipe? I've never liked turkey but that sounds yummy. What nice friends you have.