Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tio Jake & Auntie Scar: Hangin' out with the Riggs!

After the half marathon, we all needed a little veg time! Me and Scarlet chose to veg out on the couch watching wedding shows and Nanny 911. The boys vegged in the form of Star Craft, Oreo's, jelly beans, and Ice cream!

It wasn't long though before we had to get up and get back to work. On Sunday night my big...er...umm... I mean older sister Becca was coming into town with her family. PERMANENTLY! They got in town in time for dinner, playtime, and some fun catching up before it was time for bed.

The next morning Becca and Taber headed out to spend the day closing on their house, but thanks to Auntie Scarlet, they were able to return home to an AMAZING Dominican Dinner! YUMMMM!

And luckily, having 5 kids under 6 all day wasn't bad at all since they all love playing with each other... and since there were 4 adults in the house to share the load :)

 Anyway, after dinner we rounded up the kidlets for FHE and had everyone paint a pumpkin!

The big kids skipped pumpkin carving for apple carving duties instead... and in Kevin's case, apple carving and EATING duties!

I needed the boys to carve faces into apples so I could use them as shrunken heads in my Halloween decor. Everyone chipped in, but Jake really put a lot of effort into the project, finishing 5 of the 8 apples in the end!

The end result turned out pretty great if I do say so myself. Thanks guys for your hard work and creativity!

That night we bathed all the kiddos and then the daddies read them books and put them to bed. The next morning the Riggs headed out to Geneva (about 40 minutes away) to set up shop in their new home!

The rest of us, on the other hand, got to squeeze past this nasty guy in the garage so we could get in the car and take a trip downtown.

Because we only have 5 seat belts in our car, and there were 6 bums that needed transportation, my wonderful friend Diana took the girls for the WHOLE day so we could make it downtown and hang out in Chicago without any stress. I am so blessed with such great friends and family! This picture was taken when we dropped off the girls. There was a train passing Diana's house and both the girls were enthralled!

More to come on our Downtown tour... Later!


Rachel Murdock said...

Love the shrunken apple heads idea! Looks like you guys had fun. So glad Becca is there now and you two don't have to be loners ;-)

Beccarigg said...

YAY!!! Becca's here!! Thanks for putting us up and watching our kids while we closed on the house. Seriously was SOOO nice to be able to stay with family instead of a hotel, and heat delicious Dominican food instead of nasty fast food. You guys are the bestest!