Friday, November 11, 2011

A Hanksville Halloween!

Although I've never really liked Halloween (due to a "you're too fat" experience I had years ago) I really got into it this year. I suspect it has something to do with having children, but whatever the case, we really had a blast this year!

I even went out of my way to decorate so we could all enjoy the season together.

Brooklyn and I worked hard to dig out the garden so we could plant a skeleton (after which she informed me that she was allergic to skeletons... but only the dancing kind.)

Kevin and I carved some fun pumpkins.

Brooklyn, Lily and I decorated the inside of the house with spiders and paper mache spider eggs
(sorry uncle Craig!)

And I even made themed costumes!
(Lily's was purchased, but I made the rest.)

Anyway, the celebrations started on Friday night when we walked over to the clubhouse for some yummy food!

After that we headed over to our church building for a Halloween party and some trunk-or-treating.

They had a lot of fun games there, but all the girls wanted to do was get their faces painted and color on the chalkboard!

When the games were done, we went outside and loaded our candy buckets at the trunk-or-treat... then we went home overly stuffed and over stimulated!

When Halloween actually rolled around the following Monday, we headed over to Burns and McDonnell for some Cubicle-or-Treating :)

The girls went from desk to desk trying desperately to gather as many M&M's as possible. But eventually Lily decided the candy wasn't worth it any more and she started giving her candy back desk to desk. Then she laid on the floor, said "night night mommy" and refused to get up. That was our cue to head home to take naps and enjoy our spoils.

We earned so much candy between the church and the office that we decided not to go out trick-or-treating that night, but we still had a wonderful holiday and will be working off all the calories we earned for months to come!


Tau said...

Sounds like fun! We didn't dress up but at least the boys did and had fun. I'm gonna push for a funner trunk or treat at our next ward. Ur guys looked fun.

Beccarigg said...

Total awesomeness to the Maximus! Your costumes came out sooo stinking cute. The tiara in the pink cowgirl hat is perfection, and you and Lily may be the cutest cows I have ever seen. Glad you guys had a good Halloween. : )