Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklyn!

Today, Brooklyn turned 3! She has been so much fun and such a handful since the first day we held her in our arms and every second has been worth it! We love her so much and are glad she is a part of our family. In honor or her birthday, we would just like to share some of our favorite Brooklynisms from the past year. Enjoy!

Brooklyn saw a girl in a mini skirt and suddenly shouted, "Oh NOOOO Mommy! That girl forgot her pants and now she's gonna get FROSTBITE!" Ha Ha! I was totally thinking the same thing!
Brooklyn: Look Mommy, I made a MESS!
Mommy: I can see that.
Brooklyn: You need to clean it up.
Mommy: No. You need to clean it up. I'm not your slave.
Brooklyn: That's right! I'm the slave!
Mommy: Brooklyn, come over here and put your pajamas on.
Brooklyn: MOM! I want to wear my dress!
Mommy: You can't wear your dress to bed, it will get all messed up.
Brooklyn: Eeerrr! FINE!... You're RUINING my life!
Wow! I expected to hear that when she was almost 13...not when she was almost 3!
"Mommy, I like butterflies & fairies & princesses & unicorns & MERMAIDS!"
"That's interesting. Is there anything you don't like?"
"Yeah. I DON'T like poop and dragons!"
Brooklyn walked up to me and said, "Mom, kids should have cracks on their bums, NOT their heads." I'm glad she clarified that. :)
Brooklyn: When ALL the kids grow up, will they get married?
Mommy: Some will, some won't.
Brooklyn: Why won't they?
Mommy: Some people just have a hard time finding a husband or a wife.
Brooklyn: I can get them one, and I don't even need a cape!
We were driving to pick Kevin up from work when Brooklyn asked, "Mommy, does Santa Clause wear undies?" I told her he did and then she said, "Are they PRINCESS undies!?!" Ha Ha! Never a dull moment!
Brooklyn was jumping on her bed the other day and chanted the words, "I LOVE MY BUM! and MY BUM LOVES ME!" What a fun discovery to make right before bedtime! :)
After going pee pee in the potty, we heard Brooklyn calling from the bathroom, "Daddy, come here. I have some zingy lemonade for you!" So gross, so random, and so funny!
Brooklyn: Mommy, what was that? A squirrel?
Mommy: Uh...yeah, actually it was.
Brooklyn: Is it squished?
Mommy: Yeah, I guess it forgot to hold hands when it crossed the street so no one could see now it's squished.
Brooklyn: His mommy is gonna be mad at us.
Driving in the car the other day I told Kevin he was driving me crazy, to which he replied, "Of course! That's my job!" Suddenly Brooklyn chimed in from the back seat and pointing at Lily she said, "No dad! That's OUR job!"
Brooklyn was watching Go Diego Go when Diego asked the viewers to help him pull the mermaids back into the ocean. With a very concerned look on her face Brooklyn yelled back to him, "I CAN'T! I'm too BIG to fit in the TV!"
Brooklyn came running out of the bathroom waiving her undies and shouting, "Mom! I made MAN POOPS! I made MAN POOPS!" and just as she approached me a tiny turd fell out of the cracks and hit the floor! So gross and funny at the same time!
I told Kevin that I won't throw Brooklyn a party when she turns three. When giving reasons I said, "Besides, Brooklyn doesn't have any friends to invite anyway." Suddenly Brooklyn piped in with hurt feelings, "I DO have friends!!! Mom! I have friends! Lily's my friend, Riley (the babysitter) is my friend, and Daddy is my friend! They can come!" I guess she will be having a party after all. :)
The other night Brooklyn had to go "number 2" so we helped her get on the potty and then left her to her business. A few seconds later we could hear her grunting through the door and saying, "Come on gotta...get...OUT!" (More grunting ensues) "You're...(grunt) grunts)...BIG!" I guess that was our hint that we should be feeding her more fiber!


Pae and Guy said...

happy bday Brooklyn

Natalie said...

Our life is not NEARLY as funny as yours! :)

Tau said...

She is so smart and cute. Brooklyn is a special lil girl. We hope she enjoyed her 3rd b-day. Thanks for all the funny conversations. They always put a smile on my face. Take care guys!

Beccarigg said...

So glad you've written all that stuff down, she is seriously a hoot! Happy birthday to a special little girl!

Sarah said...

I love the one about the squirrel. That's hilarious. I still can't believe she's only 3. She talks like she could be so much older sometimes. I love it.