Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lily is 6 Months Old!

Today, Lily is officially 6 months old! We have loved having her in our family SO much over these last few months. She is a laid back and easy going little girl with a great sense of humor and a very sweet spirit.

Lately Lily has been practicing doing push ups. She can do several in a row when attempting to crawl and can also hold the plank position for nearly a minute when she is motivated. She is trying hard to learn how to crawl and even managed to make it a whole foot in the forward direction today.

Lily is eating a lot these days. She LOVES food just as much as her sister does. She'll eat baby food in any form but especially likes it when she gets to munch on graham crackers or bread. Now whenever we walk in the room holding food or shaking up her bottle, she starts to grunt and pant really fast and pump her arms up and down! What can I say, these girls are just like their mom!

Another development over the last month is that Lily has learned to love her big sister. She thinks Brooklyn is hilarious even when Brooklyn rides her like a pony (which is one of her favorite things to do when Lily is trying to crawl). The two of them spend a lot of time together playing on the living room floor with stuffed animals and pretty necklaces. When we go to work during the week, Brooklyn is VERY protective over her little sister and Lily really appreciates it since all the other kids are constantly trying to smother her. Its funny because she gets upset when the other kids lay on her or get in her face, but when Brooklyn does it she just smiles and occasionally gives Brooklyn a loving smack to the head.

Another fun thing Lily is doing is experimenting with sounds. Her newest discovery... babo babo babo. Here is a little video of her testing out these new noises.

Lily has also begun to drool uncontrollably, which kind of bites for us because she already spits up uncontrollably, and lets just say our carpets could REALLY use a good shampoo! Here she is attempting to crawl and foaming at the mouth simultaneously.

And just for fun...Everyone keeps telling me how Lily looks exactly like Brooklyn, and while they do indeed look similar, I find them to be quite unique in appearance. Here they both are at the same ages. Enjoy!


Lily is going to her 6 month checkup tomorrow so I will post her stats and some more pictures later this week.


Anonymous said...

Naomi and Kevin, Both girls are beautiful. Lily's eyes are very unique. I could just stare at them for hours. Brooklyn has beautiful eyes too. I love Lily's crooked little grin in the last picture. Thank's for keeping up with your blog so I can see how the girls are changing.
Love you,
Grandma Pratt

Jennie said...

Man I love your little girlies :) Miss being around them so I can experience those growing moments, but I'm glad you own a camera! Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see you guys in real life in a month!

Ioane said...

Wow! I can't believe how different they look. I love it. Lily is growing up so fast. It seems like I just saw her yesterday and she was a little newborn baby. Can't wait to see you guys next month

Beccarigg said...

So cute! Love the video's especially. So fun to hear her little voice and how Brooklyn just dotes on her sister. Don't stress about your carpets. Once she gets past the drool and puke stage she'll start ruining them with markers, paint, food, juice spills, and muddy footprints. : ) Gotta love kids!

Natalie said...

They're so adorable! (I think they look pretty distinct too).