Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Brings Baby News, Marathons, Grandparents, Birthdays, and Halloween!

Well, this is going to be long so I apologize in advance! October was simply a CRAZY month for us! So, I’ll start with the most important info:Image08We found out that we will be having another little girl on February 22, 2010. Already, I can tell differences with this baby and Brooklyn. The most obvious to me is that Brooklyn rarely moved and when she did it was always a slimy, snake-like motion across my belly. This baby kicks the crud out of me all day like she’s trying to run a marathon in there…maybe she’ll take after her dad!

No names picked out yet but in the running so far we’ve thought of Bristol, Danielle, Ella, Ava, Lilly, and Olivia. We want the middle name to be Kealohi. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated! :)100_4682 As previously mentioned…Kevin ran the Chicago Marathon this month and finished like a major stud! WAY sooner than his predicted time! (I almost didn’t make it to see him cause he ran SO fast!)

deleteable file 103Grandma and Grandpa Hanks came out for a visit too! It was definitely a highlight for us…especially for Brooklyn!deleteable file 109We took them to our cherished Waterfall Glen to experience nature Chicago Style.deleteable file 124It was a little cold and wet, but a VERY beautiful day!deleteable file 129Kevin made me pose for this…you can already tell by my chipmunk cheeks that I am happily gaining weight for this baby!

Gma and Gpa Hanks also took Brooklyn to the Children’s Museum, which was her favorite event of the week…unfortunately, all the pictures are on their camera!deleteable file 016A few days into our visit with Grandparents, Brian and Natalie drove out from Ann Arbor and we all went to the Museum of Science and Industry on a FREE day! (Kevin had to work though…very sad!)deleteable file 010The kids were way more into it than I thought they would be. Especially Brooklyn! She wanted to touch everything!deleteable file 040That night we celebrated Brian’s 29th birthday! Mom threw a great party with children’s games before bed and grown up games afterward! It was tons of fun!deleteable file 039Pin the tail on the donkey was the most successful game…because we apparently come from a family of cheaters and peekers!deleteable file 042The next day we took the kids to Johansen’s Farm! It was a highlight for me. The kids got to go on a hayride, slide down a giant bouncy slide (thanks mom) and pet and feed every farm animal under the sun! (Gma and Gpa Hanks and Brian have all the pictures but this one…sorry.) Brooklyn loved every second of it and would have brought a goat home if she could have! It was AWESOME!deleteable file 048That night we celebrated Kevin’s 27th Birthday! We ate at Olive garden, then came home for presents and some more games! deleteable file 056Kevin got lots of cool stuff! Highlights being a special sports duffle bag and a new mat cutter from his mom! LUCKY!deleteable file 064Randomly, Kevin wanted to make his own B-day cake…or cheesecake in this instance. It was delicious though so I have no complaints!IMG_3156During the week we also took a second trip to Waterfall Glen to get some family pictures and let the kids get out some wiggles!IMG_3195Brian and Kevin looking much older and wiser after their birthdays!IMG_3197You can totally tell me and Natalie are sisters in this picture…right? :)IMG_3200Everybody got here at the peek of fall for Chicago! Lucky thing cause a few days after they left a big storm came in and took all the leaves off the trees!deleteable file 079On their last day here, Mom helped me to sew this Maori costume for Brooklyn for Halloween! It turned out perfect and Brooklyn loved prancing around in it!deleteable file 082The day before Halloween, Brooklyn got to Trick-or-treat at Kevin’s work. She had great manners and impressed enough people to leave the office with 2 new stuffed animals!

The next day we all dressed up like Maoris and went trick-or-treating with our friends the Noordas! It was so much fun and we stuffed ourselves sick with yummo food! But…once again…all the pictures are on someone else's camera! I’ll post them later if I get any! Until then…hope you all had a great October and wishing you an even better November!


Tau said...

Brooklyn looks so cute...and warrior-like in her Maori costume.

Beccarigg said...

Holy COW!!! There is nothing on this earth that is cuter than Brooklyn in that costume!!! (don't tell my kids I said that, hehe!) Seriously though! I would give her all my candy and freaking bake her her own special Halloween cake on the spot if she knocked on my door looking that cute! What a doll!

Well congrats on being pregnant, good thing I had a dream you were pregnant months ago with a lot of 2's in it so this really comes as no surprise to me (haha! j/k liz) Oh and your cheeks don't look chubby at all dork wad, you look hot!

Those pics you took the second time to waterfall glen are GORGEOUS! whose camera did you use? They came out amazing!

Um, sorry this comment is so long but that's what you get for making a long post. Love you!

Rachel Uda Murdock said...

Oh my gosh, I love that pic of Brooklyn in he Maori costume. I downloaded it and can't keep from staring at it. She's gorgeous and has the most beautiful little face. Love her! Is it ok if I post it on my blog just to show off my beautiful little niece? I'm sad that you guys are so far away and our kids are growing up without knowing each other. (And Brooklyn is scared of me) Any chance you might ever come back?

Jennie said...

Too cute Naomi :) You did a good job on that costume! Can you do mine for next year? :) Love you guys!

Lisa said...

WOW! Congrats you guys!! That's is so exciting! And I love Brooklyn's costume. Super cute.

Ioane said...

Cute cute cute! I love Brooklyn's costume. She is the most beautiful girl ever. That's so fun that you all dressed up for Halloween like Maori's. Congrats on the new baby. I'm so excited for you guys.

Natalie said...

I'm a fan of the name Olivia. I have a friend who named her little girl that. I'd consider it, but I feel like it's too close to my nieces name, Lydia. What her middle name mean?

I'm impressed with your mad-costume-making skills!

Munro Murdock said...

Brooky is such a cutie! Great costume!

Sara said...

I'm super overdue for commenting on this one, but I came back to get a refresher on what names you're thinking of and got all caught up in Brooklyn's Halloween costume. Craig's exact words (after we'd oo'd and aah'd over her for a minute or two):

"Dude, we have such baby envy ... or is it really just Brooklyn envy?"

Anyhow, I think "Ava Kealohi Hanks" has a great flow to it. If I had a ballot, that would be my vote. =)