Monday, August 17, 2009

Does it get any better than this?!

This Week was a ton of fun. We've discovered in the last little while just how much Brooklyn likes water. She LOVES taking baths, going outside to play in the puddles after it rains, and even loves running outside when it does rain. So naturally, she quite enjoys the pool, and anytime we put on her little swimming suit, she gets giddy and bouncy with excitement! Naomi says I get the same way right before we go to the pool too, but I don't believe it!
She's getting more and more brave everytime we do go to the pool, she keeps wanted to jump away from me and swim by herself, which I haven't the guts to let her do - yet. You can see her in this picture trying to jump off my shoulders into the pool.

She especially likes sitting on my shoulders when I walk down into the deep end. Hahaha I love going to the pool!

Now ever since Naomi and I moved from Utah, we've been pretty sad about leaving the plentiful outdoors. We've always enjoyed going on hikes, going camping, and basically having fun outside! That's a thing, we've discovered, that's a tad more difficult to do in Urban Illinois. So we decided to get creative! For the last few weeks, we've pulled out the hide-a-bed in the living room on the weekends mostly for something different. We call it "camping"! and it's turned out to be a ton of fun!

Last weekend we took our fun idea and made it even better! It was such a nice day out, that when the evening rolled around, we were commenting to eachother about how neat it would be to have been able to go camping that night and sleep outside in the nice cool air . . . so we found every blanket we could in our house, and laid them out on the deck. We slept out there both Friday and Saturday night! It rocked. I don't think I've slept that good since we moved here. It was a ton of fun!

When Brooklyn woke up and found out what we were doing, she of course thought it was the coolest thing in the entire world, and ended up playing out there with her stuffed animals all morning!

Then I had to go to work on Monday morning. Sigh.
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Anonymous said...

Ok that is so cool and it makes me want to get a hammock for my patio....

Beccarigg said...

We used to sleep on our patio when we lived in CA, it was awesome! Brooklyn looks so cute in that last pic!

Jennie said...

So fun! I was just thinking about the time we went up to Strawberry resevoir and went camping! I miss camping with you guys but I'm glad you found such a creative alternative :)