Sunday, April 19, 2009

Projects, Spring, and a Crazy Baby!

Recently our downstairs neighbor started doing a little spring cleaning before he moves out at the end of the month. He's about 87 years old and hates to throw things away so he's been giving all his stuff to us. We don't like to throw things away either so, naturally, we fixed his stuff so it would work for us. Here are a few pictures of the things we made this last month:

These are some pillows I made for our couch out of an old sheet and an old skirt.

Kevin planted some blueberries on our deck. They look like twigs in dirt right now but hopefully you'll be able to tell that they're alive pretty soon.

This is one of the things our neighbor gave us. It was painted gold when he brought it over, but Kevin did some work on it and now it looks like a beautiful antique.

Our neighbor also gave us this ugly lamp. I cut out all the electric stuff and turned it into a vase. I'm not sure the proportions are right just yet so I might have to make the hole bigger and get some thicker, taller, reeds.

These vases from our neighbor use to have fruit painted all over them that matched the painting on the left (that he also gave us). The big one was orange and the little one was green. I painted them both black and then gave them a winter tree and bamboo painting instead.

In some other news...It is finally looking like SPRING here!!! Here are some pictures I took of the view outside our bedroom window:

Last but not least, what fun would our blog be with out some videos of Brooklyn. This first video was taken while Kevin and I were watching "Chuck" and eating dinner. Brooklyn was supposed to be eating too...

Ever since Brooklyn started walking she has been afraid of the bathtub. I think its because she always wants to stand up and move around while she is bathing but then she slips and it scares her. This video was taken while I was trying to bathe her. I had just put her in the water when Kevin started recording. The video is quite mild compared the the fit she threw when I started using soap!


jksfam said...

Very nice work!!! I was wondering how you made the lamp not pink but realized the shade just made it so pink. Very handy and artistic.

Beccarigg said...

Dude! Were you bathing her in ice water? from the way she was screaming that's what it seemed like! Poor little Brooklyn, mean old mommy bathes you in ice! ; )

Awesome work with the refurbishing projects, you guys are amazing! I need Kevin to come out here and put some shelves in our garage and bathrooms and you to help me out with some curtains. So yeah, do you think you could work that into your schedule?

Oh yeah, hilarious video of Brooklyn bobbing around in a sleep doze in her high chair. That's never actually happened to my kids before but it's pretty dang funny!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how talented you two are. You created beautiful things that will be keepsakes. I think the lamp and flowers or sticks are perfect.
Love you,
Grandma Pratt

Jennie said...

Naomi! You're amazingly talented-you should come redecorate my house with old stuff :) And Kevin, that mirror looks awesome! Miss you guys!

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh! I had no idea how crafty you were. I'm so impressed! What can you do with the things in my house?

Tau said...

Nice. Very crafty Naomi! Brooklyn is so grown up. See you guys next month.

just nikki said...

Wow, you guys sure know how to make ugly stuff look fantastic!

That video of Brooklyn in her high chair is hilarious! Loved it!