Friday, November 28, 2008

November According to Naomi...

A lot has happened this November that I haven't had the chance to blog about. So... I thought I would try to get it all into one blog to save some time! Here is November according to me: Brooklyn saw snow for the first time that she can remember. It didn't stick, but she enjoyed it while it lasted!
I voted in the 2008 elections and it was the first time that I ever actually studied everything out and knew what I was voting for. Hooray for ME!
I turned 26 and got to go on an awesome shopping spree with my cousin Jennie! Also, Kevin framed my diploma and spoiled me all day. He even cooked me dinner!

Brooklyn and I went to the mall with my sisters Rachel and Sarah and their kids!

It was the first time Brooklyn ever got to play in an arcade! She really liked it especially when Mason and Maile were around to play too.

Brooklyn snuggled me for an hour when she got sick...this has never happened fact, it is unheard of for Brooklyn to even allow her body to be in contact with another person from the front! I liked it. :)
Jennie turned 26 and we partied and stayed up till all hours of the night! Woohoo! We love you Jennie!
Lots of visitors came into town for Thanksgiving. Brooklyn's favorites were her cousins Noa and Brinley who are 6 and 7 months younger than her. She also loved playing with Mason even though he wasn't technically visiting.
My sisters and I went out on several "sister dates" since we were all in town. It was nice to see each other and have our husbands babysit for a while!

We had an Uda Family Reunion where we were finally able to set the grave markers for my grandparents! (Thanks to Uncle Kelton and his mad skills!)

We had the biggest Thanksgiving spread in the history of Thanksgiving. It included the regular stuff as well as lau lau, lomi salmon, opihi...etc. and some apple pies that I made from scratch!
We started out Thanksgiving with a BANG by doing a 2 mile Turkey trot! It was my first official race and I did pretty good. I was 9th overall out of 80 runners and finished 7th for the women!

Becca and Taber brought the house down though coming in 5th for Becca and 2nd for Taber! ( He was beat by a 6o year old guy.) Kevin came in 3rd for men but that was because he was running with me and then going back and forth to take pictures of everyone else. Sarah and Noa also ran it and she came in 12th for the women which is totally awesome for her especially since she had a baby 3 months ago!!!
Anyway, its been a super awesome month with more to come! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


california smiths said...

I love it when they get to the age when they get sick that they cuddle and not just cry. It is the only time we get cuddling with Courtney too. So I know how you feel, stinks that they are sick, but fun to have them close!

jksfam said...

You and your sisters look so much alike!!!

Pae and Guy said...

That was a busy November! It's great that we have this format to share our experiences with each other, friends, family, etc.!

Love ya sis, take care...and hope that Brook enjoyed the front-side snuggling as much as you did and hope she doesn't wait 'til she's sick to try again!

Natalie said...

Fun November! Brooklyn is getting so big! Way to go on finishing that race so well. Man, we're supposed to "run" a 5K in December. I'm pretty sure I'll only finish if I walk at this point. Maybe with the cold I'll want to run though! Yay for fun pictures!

Beccarigg said...

I love the first snow pictures. Those are beautiful. Brooklyn is such a sweetheart, I'm glad she gave you cuddles. Brinley is my little cuddle bug, I swear I never get anything done around here because I just want to cuddle her all day!

November rocked man and I'm so glad I got to be a part of your November fun! Viva la turkey trot!

just nikki said...

Wow, so much to comment on. Lets see if I can remember any of it...

Good job on that Turkey Trot! That's pretty amazing. I'm the slowest runner ever.

That Thanksgiving dinner sounded like the best in the history of the world. Well done. Also, I'm proud of you for making apple pies.

I'm so glad Brooklyn got sick...that sounds mean. But I'm glad you got to snuggle with her! My niece was the same way. We all loved when she wasn't feeling good because she was so cute and cuddly!