Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day at the Museum!

On Saturday, Kevin and I decided to venture back into downtown Chicago and take a peek at the Chicago Field Museum. So, we packed up our things and hopped on the train to save gas and parking money, and then walked down Lake Shore Drive until we arrived at our destination. It was pretty expensive to get in so it was a good thing we took the train and even better that Brooklyn is still FREE!

We got to see two of the traveling exhibits: Natural Disasters, and Mythic Creatures. Both were very neat (especially the natural disaster one) but they wouldn't let us take pictures. After that, we fed Brooklyn and then started to look at the regular exhibits. It was so fun! Especially when we stumbled upon a "Warriors of the Pacific" exhibit and found a whole room dedicated to Maori Warriors!!! (That's where me and Brooklyn are in the picture above.)

After awhile we made it downstairs to the Mummy Exhibit! (We had a hard time finding the elevator.) They had all sorts of things like pottery and papyrus scrolls, but the mummies were still the coolest. One sad thing was the mummy of a little infant. It was no bigger than my forearm! That's what Kevin is pointing to in the picture above. Being a mother now, I could imagine how horrible it must have been for the mother of that baby to have to see her child like that. :(

Last but not least, we headed out to see "Sue", the famous T-Rex! Not as big as I would have imagined but still...she definitely could have eaten me were she still alive. Supposedly, most of her bones are from the actual dinosaur! The head is a fake though. The real head was upstairs in a glass case and it was mostly smashed to pieces. That's OK though because some amazing artist did a really good job creating this one for all of us to stare at! Anyway, that was our trip! Brooklyn was great and Kevin and I had a blast! Thanks Mom Uda for suggesting we go visit the Museum. It was totally worth it!
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just nikki said...

I love museums! Mummies kind of scare me, though. I thought they were going to attack me when they had some at the BYU MOA.

The Reese's said...

i love looking at your blog because you guys do so much. it's such a fun way to see chicago and what you guys are up to at the same time!